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My Mom started teaching me to sew when I was 7 years old.  My best memory was when she started teaching me to use her Singer sewing machine.  The fabrics, threads and the hum of the machine.... I was hooked.   This gave me a love of creating things with fabrics that I carried on off and on up to today.

  I  rekindled my love of sewing and crafting after retiring from a 32 year career in Banking to take care of my husband during his illness.   While in the hospital, he needed a bib when he ate.  The best that they could do was a towel tied around his neck, so I started searching for an adult bib.  Unable to find anything up to my standards, I started creating my own specialty bibs.   

I opened The Fuchsia Phoenix  after seeing a need for adult bibs which my husband needed during his illness.    Understanding that others may also have a need for this type of item, led me to open my ETSY store.   Then a family member had a little girl that was born premature and could not find bibs or blankets small enough for her.  This led me to  see a need for a preemie line as well as  special needs and other designs.  If I don't have it in my store, contact me to design something just for you.  I create everything  with love in each stitch.


Bibs from Preemie to Adults and everyone in between!

My entire working life has been in an industry that required me to have a professional presentation.  This was fine, but it did stifle my real personality.    When I am creating my specialty bibs they are an expression of my personality.     For anyone that needs or wants a bib, I believe that it should be fun for the wearer, a conversation piece if you will.  The Fuchsia Phoenix is a place where we will have fun.  I want the bibs that I am sewing to stand out and mean something to the wearer, I do not want it to be and item to be worn with dread. 

So yes, while there will be some traditional choices, my bibs will stand out and be heard.  ... and that's ok.


We should not all be placed in the same box.  In fact, my favorite place to be is out of the box!

My specialty bibs for babies are quite out of the box as well,  I have those for my traditional clients as well as some fun, unusual and not found in store styles.  That's ok, not all of us like the same thing.  My love of sewing spills over to the sweet babies.  My preemie line started when I saw a need for a family member.  

If you are looking for something not found in stores, you have found the right place.  If I don't have it in my shop, contact me and let's see if we can develop something together.


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Walker bags, Messenger bags,, blankets and more!


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